Unifying People, Process & Technology

Going Online? Now What?

Yes, taking your blog or business online seems like trying to learn a language from outer space. You then hire a consultant that understands, but either overcharges or doesn't really know how to guide you through the process.

There is nothing better than understanding "what the heck these geeks were talking about" in order to make sound decisions that will set you up for a great experience.

Old Fashioned? Yes!

But only when it comes to customer service. It's quite simple: We want to help our customers... For real! Our customers come first... Always! And we simply appreciate our customers... We look after you!

We're a team that can take you by the hand and guide you through every step of the process. We provide that old-fashioned customer service experience that is much needed nowadays.

Freedom & Ownership

Nothing gives us more pride than seeing our customers take over their online presence with knowledge and confidence. That is what we consider as success!

We build long lasting relationships that are strengthen with trust and care. You own all of your systems and data, and you can take over or transfer at any time. No strings attached!

Great Relationships

From Our Customers...

  • We like working with BLOGISTIX. They always meet our expectations. Very agile, efficient and cost effective. They have helped solve many problems for our global company.

    A. Miranda, Novelty
  • We spent days trying to design our recipe database and had to scrap it. The guys at BLOGISTIX lifted a gigantic burden by taking care of everything on our behalf. It's like having our own team of developers.

    Editing Team, RecetasPuertoRico.com
  • We are a small local team of UAS pilots. We have a lot of knowledge on aerial imagery, but we really didn't know where to even start with building our web site. Thank you BLOGISTIX for making it happen!

    Production Team, AeryPix.com


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These are just a few of the technologies and service offerings we can help you with.

Domain Name Services

Not sure what your domain name should be?Drawing a blank? Bought a domain on your own and now you are being spammed? Don't know how to maintain or make changes? Forgot to pay for it? Lost it when you moved away from a hosting service?

Managing Internet domains can become a big and confusing undertaking. Let us help you research the right name, availability, pricing and full maintenance.

Back-Office Solutions

Have a team? Need a tool you can use to collaborate? Don't know which one to select? Not ready to buy a bunch of servers, the infrastructure plus the personnel to maintain them? Keeping a low overhead?

We know! We are experts at delivering solutions that are well balanced between your requirements and budget, but fully ready to scale either up or down.

Web Development

No judgment here! It doesn't matter if you're looking for a one page website or a monster eCommerce infrastructure. We will always treat your request with the utmost respect and knowledge to either meet or exceed your expectations.

From hosting to publishing and maintenance. Let us find the right option for your specific needs.

Cloud Management

I need help developing my own cloud architecture or infrastructure. I need it to grow with my business but not break my pocket.

I have this great application as a service (SAAS) that I need help managing and maintaining.

Sounds familiar? It does to us!

Information Architecture

Where is your data coming from? Where is it going? Where is it supposed to go? Is it uniform?
Is it normalized?

These are just some of the many questions most businesses never ask. Let us help you ask the right questions so you can better understand your own information.


So, you already have your supper cool blog or website, but you have no traffic. I though that "if I built it, they would come". What happened?

I have my own IT guy or team, but I can't seem to understand what is being worked on?

We have seen it before and have great solutions. Give us your best shot!


Making Your Online Presence a Business Reality.

What We Do

Survey Requirements
Analysis of Current & Trending Services
Roadmap Development
Solution Development
Solution Deployment
Maintenance & Support

Being for fun, a hobby or a new business, individuals are relaying on cloud-based technologies every minute of every day to gather & share information, or to sell their products. Some are savvy enough and know their way around the web. But there are others that, although they have a lot of valuable information, they simply don’t have the time or know-how to manage it.

BLOGISTIX, LLC was born from the fact that there are many moving pieces behind a successful online presence. In simpler terms, we call it “Blog Logistics”. Get it?

Why logistics? See, the plain definition of logistics is the detailed coordination of a complex operation, involving people, facilities or supplies.

The truth is, that, information services involve pretty much the same components; detailed coordination, complex operations, people, facilities (hosts) and supplies (information).

Now, every single customer is different. Why would anyone employ or adopt the same applications, services, practices and processes?

That’s where we come in…

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